Friday, December 02, 2005

List of Products and Supplies Needed

What we need and when we need it always depends on the food donations. So, I am listing here the full product and supply list.
I will edit as necessary.

Some of these products are not a necessity all of the time. Quantity and quality is more important than variety. And the quantity in parentheses is only a "wish" amount. Anything less would still be greatly appreciated.

Keep in mind that some of these supplies could be eliminated if we had more steady volunteers, ie. plastic/styrofoam plates, forks, and spoons could be eliminated with donated hard plastic and silverware. But this would create a need for saving, washing, sterilizing, and bringing all this back down to the park everyday.

Crushed Tomatoes for Sauce (preferably 6 pound cans)
Tomato Paste for Sauce (preferably 6 pound cans)
Vegetable Oil, 35 pound jug
Red Wine Vinegar

Mixed vegetables, fresh, frozen, or canned including:

Green Beans

Pinto Beans, 25-50 pound bags
Long-grain or medium-grain brown rice, 25-50 pound bags

Kidney Beans

Spaghetti (12 pounds each serving)
Ziti macaroni (12 pounds each serving)

Salad, lettuce, tomatoes


Garlic Powder or Garlic Salt
Onion Salt
Mustard Powder

Aluminum foil
Saran Wrap
Liquid Dish Soap

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Food Not Bombs Story

Food Not Bombs is one of the fastest growing revolutionary movements active today and is gaining momentum. There are hundreds of autonomous chapters sharing free vegetarian food with hungry people and protesting war and poverty throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. Food Not Bombs is organizing for an end to the occupations of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. We also support actions against the globalization of the economy, restrictions to the movements of people and the destruction of the earth.

The first group was formed in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1980 by anti-nuclear activists. Food Not Bombs is an all volunteer organization dedicated to nonviolence. Food Not Bombs has no formal leaders and strives to include everyone in its decision making process. Each group recovers food that would otherwise be thrown out and makes fresh hot vegetarian meals that are served in city parks to anyone without restriction. The groups also serve free vegetarian meals at protests and other events. The San Francisco Chapter has been arrested over 1,000 times in an effort to silence its protest against the Mayor's anti- homeless policies. Amnesty International states it may adopt those Food Not Bombs volunteers that are imprisoned as "Prisoners of Conscience" and will work for their unconditional release.

Food Not Bombs works in coalition with groups like Earth First!, The Leonard Peltier Defense Committee, Anarchist Black Cross, the IWW, Homes Not Jails, Anti Racist Action, In Defense of Animals, the Free Radio Movement and other organizations on the cutting edge of positive social change and resistance to the new global austerity program. One collective publishes a movement wide newsletter called A Food Not Bombs Menu. Another hosts FNB News where you can learn more about the Food Not Bombs community. Food Not Bombs Publishing in Takoma Park, Maryland publishes books like On Conflict and Consensus which has been an important guide for group democracy. We hope you will join us in taking direct action towards creating a world free from domination, coercion and violence. Food is a right, not a privilege.

The Food Not Bombs Story

FNB Serves Only Vegetarian or Vegan

"...All our food is vegetarian, that is, no meat, dairy, or eggs. This is for many reasons, but for now, two will do. First, the potential for problems with food spoilage are greatly reduced when dealing strictly with vegetables. With the process we use, we rarely hold the food we collect for more then a couple of hours.

Second, teaching people about the economic and health benefits of a vegetarian diet is directly connected to a healthy attitude about ourselves, each other, and the planet as a whole. It is also a direct challenge to the injustice of the military/industrial economic system. This is not to suggest that it is our policy that everyone should be vegetarian or that eating meat is wrong. We encourage awareness of vegetarianism for political and economic reasons.

We only prepare food which is strictly from vegetable sources so people will always know and trust Food Not Bombs food has this standard whenever they come to our table.

At times, we do serve already prepared dairy and meat products which are donated to us because we believe eating is more important than being politically correct; however, we do not cook with animal products."

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Food Not Bombs Las Vegas, Huntridge Circle Park

I've heard different stories about when Food Not Bombs started here in Las Vegas. I've heard that it started 3 years ago. And I've heard that it started in 1995. No matter. Now, Food Not Bombs at Huntridge Circle Park has evolved from feeding once a week on Sundays to 7 days a week.

We share food, clothing, and conversation everyday. In addition, we try to hook-up people with jobs, identification, and a safe place to sleep.

Some days our food supply is plentiful. Some days our pantry is empty. This local anti-war/vegetarian-minded group, Food Not Bombs, Las Vegas needs community support in order to continue sharing with these folks.

Volunteers are always needed for the Food Not Bombs collective in Las Vegas.

We collect and cook all vegetarian/vegan meals and meet at Huntridge Circle Park (on Maryland Pkwy. between Charleston and Oakey) at 2 pm, 7 days a week.

We are asking for new people to get involved in any way they can- acquiring food, preparing food, serving food, and/or donating food, clothing, personal hygiene products, etc.

This blog will be used to network with other like-minded people. It will also be a way to inform you of what we need. Any and all contributions are desperately needed and appreciated, no matter how small you think it is. Nothing is considered "small" to us. Every donation is used and deeply appreciated by all.

So, pick an item you would like to donate once a week, once a month, once in awhile. Pick a different item whenever you want. In future notes, I will attempt to inform everyone of what we need in order to continue with our task of battling poverty, hunger, homelessness, and loneliness.

If you would like to donate, please e-mail me. We will be more than happy to plan a time and place for pick up.

Also, you are more than welcome to prepare your own food and bring it on down to the park to share. We serve each day at Huntridge Circle Park (on Maryland Parkway between Charleston and Oakey) at 2 pm. Please try to be on time so we can see how much food we have to share with the number of people who are there.

No Meat Please

Just a reminder, for those who do not know, Food Not Bombs serves ONLY vegetarian or vegan meals - no dairy, no animal products - this includes NO fish, ie. tunafish.

So, please, DO NOT BRING MEAT. Thanks for your understanding.

Continue reading to find out why Food Not Bombs serves only vegetarian or vegan meals.